I have taught the following courses:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

ANT 330. American Cultural Pluralism and the Law (Spring 2018)
ANT 101. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Fall 2017, Spring 2018)
ANT 100. Ethnography of Youth and Justice in New York City (Fall 2017, Spring 2018)

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

CIPO 4655. Political Sociology of Latin America (Spring 2017)
CIPO 4605. Special Topics Seminar: Reform or Revolution? (Spring 2017)
CIPO 4306. Theory of Sociopolitical Research (Spring 2017)
CIPO 3011. Principles and Problems of Political Science (Spring 2017)

Lehman College, City University of New York

POL 166. The American Political System (Fall 2016)
POL 266. Politics and Culture (Spring, Summer, Fall 2004; Spring 2005)
POL 150. Contemporary Political Issues (Fall 2004; Spring 2005)

City College, City University of New York

INTL 31107. Research Methods in International Studies (Fall 2016)
INTL 20100. International Studies: A Global Perspective (Fall 2016)

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

POLS 3143. Community Power Analysis (Fall 2015)
PRLS 1001. Introduction to Puerto Rican and Latin@ Studies (Spring 2016)
PRLS 3210. Latin America (Fall 2015)

Pace University

POL 297. The Arab Spring (Fall 2012; Summer 2012)
POL 114. Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2012; Spring 2012)
POL 101. Politics: A Comparative Introduction (Fall 2012)
POL 214. Reform or Revolution? (Spring 2012)

University of Puerto Rico Secondary School

Ethics and Civics – 8th grade (Spring 2010)
World Geography – 8th grade (Spring 2010; Fall 2009)
History and Geography of Puerto Rico – 7th Grade (Spring 2010; Fall 2009)